Pitt Cue Co.

I know, I know, we are kinda late to the Pitt Cue party with this blog entry as everyone has already been and raved about this place but we did want to put pen to paper on this one since we eventually ate there this weekend.

After a heavy gym session we found ourselves wandering down Carnaby St in desperate need of some protein on Saturday afternoon, we felt if there was ever the time to try Pitt Cue, this was it. We luckily were able to sneak in at the back end of their lunchtime service [12:00 to 15:00].

Amazingly, there was not the lengthy queue that had greeted us several times before. In fact ,there was no queue at all! Were they closed? Well almost. However, a very pleasant lady advised that if we can make quick decision on what to eat we can sit outside [no room inside]. Luckily, the menu is pretty concise so we ordered two lots of pulled pork, one with green chilli slaw and the other with apple and fennel salad. We sat outside and enjoyed the last of the Autumnal sunshine.

The pulled pork did not disappoint; it was plentiful, moist and flavourful. Thankfully the green chilli slaw lacked the chilli hotness I feared it would and was instead subtle and well balanced with the rest of the slaw. Pickles completed the meal. This was a meal definitely worth waiting for and a prime example of simple food done exceptionally well, a growing trend it would seem in the London eating scene [although not everyone is getting it so right!]

We headed inside for a quick comfort break before we hit the road and can now appreciate why we have had always been advised of at least an hour waiting times previously: the place is tiny! However, I can image the small interior inside really adds to the Pitt Cue experience. What could be better on a cold evening than being huddled in a cosy downstairs restaurant with some amazing pulled pork.

Definitely worth a trip.

Pitt Cue Co / 1 Newburgh St / Soho / London W1F 7RB

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  1. ilovecakeandtea

     /  January 1, 2013

    Pitt Cue is on my list of places to try.. I feel like the only person in London who hasn’t been!


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