Duck Leg Confit

Last time I roasted a duck, I separated the legs and practically just cooked the crown.  This has always been a dilemma, as the leg always comes out tough when the breast is perfectly cooked. Roast for longer, and the breast meat is dry as.  Confit-ing seems to be the perfect solution.  Besides, anything cooked in (duck) fat sounds delicious to me. 

So, I salted 2 legs of duck, plus the giblets, and kept them in the fridge overnight.

The following day, l confit-ed the legs and the giblets using the fat rendered from the crown, a bit of stock, 3 bay leaves, a sprig of thyme, 5 cloves of garlic and a few whole peppercorns. The cooking liquid should be Kept at just below boiling point, at the lowest setting on the hob. I left it there for around two hours while we had the last beer of the new year. This resulted to really tender, fall-off-the-bone meat. Lovely.
Duck leg is such a delicious meat. So simple and easy to prepare. It takes awhile to cook but the result is just mouth-watering. You can buy duck fat in supermarkets now. The other ingredients easy to find, practically staple. Do your laundry, ironing, or blogging while this is gently simmering in the background. Hardly any effort and you will be greatly rewarded. I’ll have mine wrapped in Paleo Pancakes tomorrow morning for breakfast. How are you go in to serve yours?

Paleo Pancakes

I must admit, being strictly on paleo is quite difficult at times. In my search for paleo alternatives to use on popular dishes and snacks, I stumbled upon sweet potato powder in a chinese shop. What better way to test drive it than to make pancakes 🙂

Here are the stuff I used:

2 cups sweet potato powder
3 cups coconut milk
2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 eggs
pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients with a whisk until no lumps remain. Pour a quarter cup in a hot pan. Cook for about a minute and flip over. No need to oil or butter the pan as oil from the coconut milk will render out. Note that the texture will be a little chewy and very different from traditional pancakes.

Serve with bacon and honey. Or maple syrup and lemon.