Del’Aziz (Clapham)

With its colourful and abundant displays, one can’t help but take a second glance at the merchandise of Del’Aziz. I noticed this new eatery / deli one Saturday on the way to the gym in Clapham.  The mound of giant meringues particularly. Actually, I went in once before to check out what’s being sold one morning – oversized flapjacks, glazed fruity cakes – hmmmmm, not very good after work-out replenishment.  And price-y too.

Well, just this past Thursday, we had the chance to check out what Del’Aziz is all about over a catch up with friends over dinner.  Front of house was friendly and efficient. Ambience, quality.  Then, it’s downhill from there.

I’m relatively easy to please and I am not normally critical, but the waiters don’t seem to know about the food on the menu. One of our friends asked the difference between sirloin and rib-eye, and the waiter did not have a clue. Considering these were the only choices for the steak, it shouldn’t have been that difficult.

Anyway, onto the food.  We had mezze platters to share – humous, tzatziki, tabouleh, meatballs and sausages. There were 3 choices of bread, we treated ourselves to one each 😉  Starters weren’t too bad, I must say.

I had rib-eye (medium rare) for my main. This was served on a wooden board with skin-on chunky chips, one whole roasted tomato and watercress. That was it. No sauce or anything. I initially thought this must be really good for them to serve it out without any embellishment.  Then I had my first bite. Hmmmm. Pretty underwhelming. Literally unseasoned. It was flavour-less, it could have been soaked in water overnight. Seriously, Sainsbury’s steak would win hands down.  I only finished it coz I was marvin’. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

The other three guys had desserts afterwards. The portions are humongous. Sickly gargantuan. I had a bit of the banana (& apple?) cake but I could only have 2 mouthfuls of that. The massive portions are really unnecessary.

Overall the food was distinctly average with the main draw card being the desserts; however, the massive portions are just too much!  We appreciate the Del’Aziz only opened within the past few months and of course teething problems are to be expected but the waiting staff really should be better briefed on the menu.

With a bottle of wine, a couple glasses of prosecco and coke, the bill came in at around £45 each.  We left feeling this really wasn’t good value.  Not sure if I would go back again for dinner but it may be worth a trip for those with a serious sweet tooth and a serious appetite to match!

Del’Aziz / 55-57, The Pavement / Clapham Old Town / London / SW4 0JQ

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