Tuna Sweet Potato Burgers

This is one thing I totally made up.  Knowing that fishcakes occasionally have potatoes in them, I reckoned the paleo equivalent will be made with sweet potatoes. See the genius there, u-huh! 😉

Had some leftover uncooked sweet-pots from the supper club and a few canned tuna in the cupboard so I tested my hypothesis. Here’s how it went:

2 large-ish sweet potatoes, grated
3 cans of tuna, drained
3-4 eggs, depending on size
Salt and pepper

Before I start, can I just say, a food processor is a gift from the heavens. Dunno how I survived without it. Grates food in less than a minute!

Moving on, squeeze out some excess water from the sweet-pot and transfer into a microwavable bowl. Zap for about 3-4 minutes to partially cook.

Thereafter, mix in the tuna, eggs, salt and pepper. Form patties. Pan-fry in a little oil, making sure not to move them until they have somehow set (maybe after 2-4 minutes, depending on the size of the patties.)

Serve with steamed veg drizzled with sesame oil. Maybe with a bit of lemon or lime. Quick and simple. 😀


PS. Forgive the picture quality. They tasted good though!


Honest Burgers

If you know me you know I like a good burger. I’m probably amongst the few who have endured an hour and a half wait for a table at Burger & Lobster to order the burger [promptly wish I’d ordered the Lobster, had serious food envy]. Luckily we’re not talking lengthy waiting times and £22 price tags at Honest Burgers but how does it fare against the competition.  Pretty, well I’d say!

The venue is typical Brixton Village, small and a bit cramped to be honest but the service is brisk and friendly so there really is no real need to linger.

Menu options are pretty simple, Chicken, Beef or Vegetable burgers. Quality is certainly top of the agenda here and it shows. The chickens are free range, the vegetables, market-sourced, and the beef 35-day dry aged. We both opted for beef; I have made a mental note to sample the menu more widely for future reviews!!

The cheese burger [£7.50] was served with a red onion relish and lettuce. There was a choice of mature cheddar, red leicester or stilton cheese; I opted for the mature cheddar. My dining partner ordered the “Honest” burger [£8.50] again served with red onion relish but also with smoked bacon, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce. These burgers were slabs of seriously good meat.  Cooked medium, the beef was full of flavour and juice aplenty. The red onion relish was packed some real sweet flavour and the cheddar was super mature just the way it should be. All burgers come served in a glazed bun (gluten-free also available) and with house chips.

These house chips deserve a few words to themselves because these we these were no ordinary “token gesture here-are-the-chips-to-gowith-your-burger-chips”.  These chips were pretty epic! With a generous seasoning of rosemary salt they had a super crispy exterior and were light and fluffy inside, they must have been triple cooked. There were also plenty of those little tiny super-crispy bits that everyone goes crazy for. These were damn fine chips!

There were also a few quirky touches we really liked, traditional lemonade served in jam jars and the bill coming in a battered old metal box also added to Honest Burgers’ appeal.

Our total bill came to £20.50, pretty reasonable for the quality of the food and drinks.  We can see why this place has such a strong following. Definitely recommend.

Honest Burger / Unit 12 / Brixton Village Market / Coldharbour Lane / SW9 8PR


(Reviewed by G. Holland, @holland_greg)

Haché is a family business established in late 2004 by Suzie and Berry Casey whose mission statement was to “produce the best and most innovative burgers to be found anywhere”. Rather a bold statement. With a branch recently opening on my local high street, I was keen to see if these burgers lived up to the hype.
With the majority of local high streets packed with the usual suspects – namely GBK and Nando’s – ,  I’d say Haché is a level above these in both appearance and service. I really liked the fact that Haché actually felt like a restaurant rather than the typical “burger joint”, the decoration was neutral and tasteful without being bland [I did rather like the chandelier style lighting] and the furniture comfortable, solid and of good quality.
The service was bright and breezey, no waiting in line at the till to place your order [don’t you just hate that?!]. Our waitress was well-informed about the extensive menu and happy to advise us on menu choices. We started by sharing a portion of Chicken Wings, our first pleasant surprise. Smothered in a light but fire-y sauce, these wings pack just enough kick to be pleasant without overpowering. The meat was moist, plentiful and tender, we were left wishing we’d ordered a portion each.  It was served with a minty yoghurt dip (if memory serves me well) to cool the tongue.

My dining partner, on a Lent driven no-carb diet, chose a monster of a Chicken and Avocado salad. Mounds of moist chicken, lashings of avocado with warm roasted peppers, roasted pine nuts and mixed leaves provided a hearty alternative to the burgers.

I followed up the wings with Haché Steak Milano Burger [burger topped with buffalo mozzarella, parmesan shavings and sun dried tomato tapenade]. I requested the burger be cooked medium and it was served – surprise surprise!!! – medium. Great, just the way I wanted it! The combination of mild mozzarella and mature parmesan sat really well together, throw in the deep savoury sun dried tomato tapenade, sandwiched between a brioche bun and I was pretty much in heaven. There is also decent choice of sides from onion rings to sweet potato frites. I opted for dirty fries.

There are several alternative burgers available aside from the typical beef including fish, chicken, lamb and crispy duck, as well as several vegetarian falafel burgers. This vast list surely caters for every taste.

And you get colourful candies with the bill 😀

So, does Haché really produce the best burgers in London? In my opinion they must be pretty damn close, great venue, great food and great service. I know I’ll be heading back soon to continue working my way through that menu.
Burgers priced £6.95 to £12.95
Sides priced £2.95 to £4.95

Haché / 153 Clapham High Street / London / SW4 7SS