Supperclub: Budaya Kusina

First Supperclub!!!!!

Ok…excitement over… Yes… You read right… @InnovativeBaker (Lyn) and I will be having our first ever Supperclub.  We will be cooking up a serious fusion of sorts mashing Malaysian and Filipino food down to the dessert for a night to remember.

Just FYI, @CheapEatsBlog has not had any experience on supperclubs or anything of that sort.

Lyn is the main driver of this event, having attended  brunches and crashing the supperclub events.

A consensus on twitter and encouragement from friends has led us to come up with…. (drumroll…………) BUDAYA KUSINA!!!!!

Taking the two cultures, the Filipino and the Malaysian and fusing it with our languages and food, Budaya Kusina was born. Kusina means kitchen in Tagalog while Budaya is culture in Malay. Thus meaning kitchen culture in English. Ok… That aside, you must be wondering what the menu is????? Here it is…

Kuih Rose – fried Malaysian coconut milk biscuits shaped like roses
Inang-Inang – fried sticky rice much like rice crackers but ala Malaysian style

Roti Jala (Malaysian turmeric net pancakes) with 3 dips

Pork Belly Adobo
Malay slow-cooked Beef Rendang
Achar Awak (Malaysian pickled vegetables)
Steamed Okra with dried prawn sambal sauce
Ibus (Filipino sticky rice)

Nyonya kuih
Kaffir lime leaf sorbet

Petit fours
Pineapple tarts with Malaysian aerated tea – Teh Tarik with tea dust from Sabah

Wow!!!! That many dishes!!!! Must be expensive!!!! Well… As this is our first supperclub outing, we will only be charging £20 for the whole night. Corkage is free!!! Lol!!! And who knows!! You might just get a surprise gift too!

So when are we doing this? Details are as follows:

Date: 4th Aug 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30pm onwards
Location: Camberwell, London, UK.
Places: 6 only

Interested? Email me at or Barry at Hurry! Cos 6 places can get filled up quite quickly. Or message us on twitter at @Innovativebaker or @CheapEatsBlog.

We’d kindly ask for a deposit just to secure your place if you don’t mind. Details will be given upon confirmation via email. The rest can be paid after you’ve devoured the food.

I know we have takers already, so hurry and email us!!!  Can’t make it??? Don’t worry, there will be more supperclubs planned with various other Foodies.  Follow us on twitter and we’ll keep you updated!

Photos of our escapades leading up to the supperclub will appear on twitter so keep track on seeing what goodies are being miraculously concocted. Don’t miss out!